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GGM Network LLC

Read everything below to join!

What GGM Network does

GGM Network is a service that triggers the Instagram algorithm by
sending real engagement directly through explorer & top hashtags,
the engagement is considered as trending since the impressions you receive from the Network is sent through Explorer, Instagram recognizes the post as trending which makes instagram push it up to reach a larger audience

How do I join GGM network? What do i get exactly?

Before purchase, read the description of each product.Most popular package: 80USD Package (most popular)

How do I join GGM network?Purchase the 31days 40usd (No-Autosub)
screenshot the checkout page send it to the admin + the instagram name for the 31days (need further details? scroll down to "What to do after purchase?".

Targeted reach only possible? When does it start? Does it only work for videos?

What to do after purchase?

How to contact the Admin?

Best and fastest way to contact is through the messanger app telegram messanger, if you dont feel like doing that you can email him with the screenshot of the payment through the email or by the website chat.

1. Download Telegram messanger

Apple store

2. Press on the Chat link after you have the app, send him the payment screenshot + the instagram name you want the service for.ENJOY! :)

Chat Link ( only works with the App)

Service finished?

Simply rebuy the service from the website, usually the Admin will contact you via chat or email if you like to renew the service.